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This beautiful brick house has interesting architecture and a brick Moongate.  At the beginning, the foundation plantings were overgrown, steps unsafe, the walkway was gravel, the front stoop falling apart and the kitchen door invisible.  My goal was to reconfigure the entry space so that both kitchen and front doors were visible and accessible.  The kitchen door is the "main" door that people use, so it had to be "recognizable" as where you should go first.  There's no sidewalk on this street, so the driveway is the only point of access to the entry.  The driveway itself is angled and fairly steep with retaining walls that were in good shape, so we wanted to keep the location of the steps approximately the same.   The design solution: an irregularly-shaped "first landing" next to the driveway is a "choice point", allowing access to the front walk or the kitchen stoop to be at right angles to one another.

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