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Hot Tub Project

The client's requirements were very specific: the new hot tub was to be "embedded" part way into the stoop and part way into the terrace.  It should be surrounded by bluestone matching the rest of the terrace, and the top edge of the tub had to be flush with the stoop.

The craftsman's requirements were even more specific, and there were lots of them! ....  But the one that was the most difficult: there needed to be at least 30 inches of access around all sides of the tub "just in case" work ever had to be done.  


Enter - "the vault" - a concrete "bathtub" with a level slab to hold the considerable weight of tub plus water.

The vault is large enough for the tub to be moved within it for access to all sides.  Water drains out of the vault into the existing stormwater system.

We needed to cover the "empty space" around the tub with removable bluestone.

The design solution: use roof deck riser technology to install the bluestone.  We hope to never dismantle this part of the terrace!  But in the meantime - the hot tub is embedded in the terrace and the transition between bluestone set in stone dust and bluestone set over empty space is invisible.  I told you the masons I work with can do anything!

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